The Dignity Freedom Network (DFN) began in 2002 in India in response to appeals from leaders of the non-castes.

Concerned about the future of their children and women, because they did not have access to the basic system of education, health, among others and, according to the DFN social system that exists in India, we were sought for 3 (three) requests: EDUQUEN OUR CHILDREN - SAVE OUR FAMILIES - BE OUR VOICE

Since then, through us has developed various strategies and resources to meet these requests among others that have arisen. Through the DFN organization, thousands of lives are being transformed forever, in all segments, especially spiritually.

Dignity Freedom Network Brazil (DFN Brasil) is the official representative in Brazil and works in partnership with DFN India in its quest for freedom, justice and human dignity. We seek to mobilize human, educational and financial resources to support the four main pillars of life transformation: Education, Health, Economic Development and Social Justice.

Our main partners are Operation Mercy India Foundation and the Excluded Castes and Tribes Conference of India. These long-standing partners in India form an extensive network of national workers who offer the experience and power to implement highly successful programs in the communities of these excluded peoples.