DFN Brasil's mission seeks to mobilize human, educational and financial resources to support the four main pillars of transforming the lives of the non-cast and oppressed peoples: Education, Health, Economic Development and Social Justice.

For this to be possible we need a structure that allows us to do the work. The 100x100 Project aims to help support the DFN Brazil base, which has no other source of income other than that made by donors. The resources of this project will be earmarked specifically for the support of the missionaries at the base and for general expenses, such as office maintenance, physical space and investments in opening new ministries.

The goal is to form a group of 100 donors (churches, companies and friends) to contribute R $ 100.00 per month for a period of one year, and the donation may be extended for subsequent annual periods. Our desire is to find partners who wish to be part of our ministry and what God has done in India through the Dignity Freedom Network.